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This method is loved by yogis, who call it effective prevention of sexual impotence. The muscles of the anus are rhythmically tense / relaxed, the man "tries to stop urination." Exercise is good for the prostate gland, relieves congestion.

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The exercise is performed in a sitting position, an ordinary chair is suitable. The shoulders are pulled back, the person leans forward, stretching the body as much as possible. You can imagine that croup is scattered on the chair, which needs to be removed with a vacuum cleaner "located" between the testicles and the anus. The number of repetitions gradually increases, the muscles tense and relax.

At first, do not perform more than 10 repetitions, the load increases gradually. The effect is felt already several days later. There is a whole range of preventive measures that reduce the likelihood of erectile dysfunction.

viagra pillsThey are relevant already for 30-40-year-old men: Balanced diet. The diet should contain a sufficient number of protein suppliers - eggs, meat. Various fermented milk products, herbs, fruits and vegetables are useful. It is imperative to eat nuts, honey, and refuse heavy fatty foods.

Quitting dangerous habits. Addiction to drugs, alcohol and cigarettes can be a source of erectile dysfunction.

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MSMC_HospitalModernization of sex life. For a man, the abuse of masturbation poses a threat, replacing it with full-fledged sexual contacts. It is also not recommended to defend against a partner's pregnancy through interrupted intercourse.

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